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Personalized Readings

As featured on the Meredyth with a Why Podcast:

What kind of readings do you offer?
I offer personalized chart readings/coaching sessions based on the principles of Human Design to help you understand your own motivations, obstacles, personal drive, and life lessons.

What do I gain?
These assist you understanding what value and energy you may bring to your family, workplace, and friendships as well as what you may be gaining from them in return. More importantly, your reading may assist you in giving yourself permission to be you, and let go of energy that you may be carrying that may not belong to you. 

How could I apply the information in my chart?
Chart readings may assist you with changing numerous aspects of you life, ranging from to brainstorming career paths, understanding consistent frustrations in your interactions, identifying healing opportunities, or understanding your life purpose.
The chart reading process will likely leave you curious about the charts of your loved ones. I offer discounts for multi-chart readings for couples, children, etc.

What can I expect from the process?
To read your chart, I will need a few personal details such as the date, time, and place of birth (as close to the minute as possible).
I require a small reservation fee at the time of booking, which will be applied to your overall chart reading fee. I accept PayPal and Venmo.
The chart reading will be conducted virtually, and will last approximately 1.5-2 hours. Within a few days of your reading, you will receive a summary of our session to keep.

How do I book a reading or request more information?
If you are interested in booking a reading, contact me at, for my availability and most recent rates (including referral discounts from previous clients).

Where can I learn more?
I talk about my personal experience with Human Design on the Meredyth with a Why Podcast (Episode #43). Click on the video below for a teaser. Check out the full podcast HERE.
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